Lasso Developers Conference 2009

200910021312.jpg I’m here at the Lasso Developers Conference in Amsterdam Netherlands. This is the 6th Annual LDC and the first European LDC. This year is the first year that the conference is doing a split track and supporting some of the newer conference formats such at lightning talks, in addition to the formats from other years including round tables, workshops, and sessions.

Yesterday I spoke on MVC patterns in Lasso, atBegin and URL handling. I’ll post that on slideshare soon and put a link up here. Sunday is the next day that I have a session and I also have a lightning talk on a new framework we’ve been working on called SingleTrack. More on that later.

The climate here in Amsterdam is cool, but the coding is heated. Both days so far I’ve been sitting next to Marc Vos, who has his home here in the Netherlands. We had a great presentation this morning from Rachel Guthrie on managing client expectations, and I picked up some great ideas about building and managing expectations from the start of the project and how to avoid scope creep, something that everyone has problems with. If you don’t, then you aren’t selling yourself well enough.

The spaces conference center is located near the west end of Amsterdam near the downtown center, it’s also near the Annie Frank house where Anne Frank hid during the german occupation. Basically from what it appears, the center is three buildings next to each other and the middle one is hollowed out. Here’s another shot from the inside.


One of the things that’s amazing about spaces is the variety of spaces inside the venue. There’s a small juice bar on the platformed area that serves coffee, smoothies, and various juices and such. There’s a series of booths with power outlets, and deep cushions, which are backed by mirrors and gives them a sense of depth. Over near the entrance is a posh pit with sectioned areas and more power outlets. This is what it looks like:


Wireless is present through out and the whole floor is cabled with network cables as well as power that are available through the access panels in many places.



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