Tire store post on Remote Desktop w/ popcorn.

Probably there’s no better time to blog that sitting in the tire store. While I sit waiting for a brake inspection on the LandCrusier I’m looking at I thought I might as well throw down on a secret leopard tip I just discovered. Just let me finish my popcorn first…

When you have been a sysadmin for a while you start to accumulate a lot of timbuktu and vnc as well as remote desktop sessions to all the servers and networks that are managed. When you’ve been doing this ten years, like I have that list can start to get pretty long.

Fortunately, Apple has included a simple way to initiate these sessions. We’ve all become aware of the new feature of iChat that allows screen sharing between machines, but did you know that this is available in a separate application inside Leopard? It’s a little app called screen sharing located in:


If you launch this little app you get the following window, which will allow you to start a screen sharing session with any Apple server you manage or any client with remote access enabled.


Here’s where the trick comes in. You can bookmark these sessions in Safari with a url like the following:



200908120916.jpgJust remember to bookmark the url before you hit the return key! You can then build a nice little list of machines to manage in the bookmarks in Safari and not have to worry about launching remote desktop everytime you need to tweak a machine somewhere else, and for those of you who don’t want to have to shell out $500 for Remote Desktop, it’s even better.

I think they are almost done with the brake inspection, and I need another bag of popcorn now ;)

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  1. August 12, 2009 at 10:49 am

    BTW, this is a great tip for when you have extra macs in the house, particularly for a music server or suchlike.

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